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Our ecosystem of brands represent some of Colorado and New Mexico’s most iconic, trusted and innovative companies. Ranging from retail cannabis dispensaries, cultivators, and distributors to product developers and cannabis business consultants.

Star Buds is your neighborhood dispensary with conveniently located retail locations in the greater Denver metro area and across Colorado. We take pride in providing communities with exceptional customer service, pricing and access to a diverse selection of cannabis products and strains. Find a Star Buds near you, and learn more about our products and services here.
Emerald Fields offers a luxe boutique cannabis retail experience located in the heart of Cherry Creek, one of Denver's most highly coveted neighborhoods. The dispensary also has a scenic mountain store situated in the mountains of Manitou Springs, as well as three additional locations in Denver and one in South Boulder.
R.Greenleaf is New Mexico’s premier medical cannabis provider. Operating medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries across New Mexico in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Roswell, Las Cruces, Grants and Las Vegas.
Everest is refining the art of the modern cannabis retail experience. With locations across the state, an expert team of cannabis curators, and a wide selection of premium-quality products, Everest is dedicated to providing exceptional service to communities throughout New Mexico.
Standing Akimbo is Colorado's premier medical cannabis dispensary. We believe that our customers are best served with product knowledge and patient care. That's why we strive to provide a seamless and informative experience for all our valued customers. Our team at Standing Akimbo is composed of passionate individuals who have dedicated their lives to understanding the intricacies of the marijuana industry.
Purplebee’s is one of Colorado’s leading pure CO2 and ethanol extractors and manufacturers. They are a producer of cannabis products for some of the highest-quality edible companies across the state. Purplebee’s also develops high-quality vape cartridges and syringes. Visit their website today to shop and learn more about Purplebee's products.
Autograph is the signature series of Purplebee’s products, offering a high-quality live cannabis-derived vaping experience. Exclusive to Schwazze-owned retail dispensaries, Autograph offers a unique terpene profile for an enhanced, premium consumer experience.
The Success Nutrients™ system was designed by growers, for growers looking to improve their yields and maximize returns. This nine-part formulation line of essential micro and macro nutrients is custom-made to enhance plant growth throughout each stage of the life cycle and delivers top results in both soil and hydroponic gardens. These superior formulations boost quantity and quality, producing the maximum grams per square foot by giving plants exactly what they need for vigorous growth and flowering. The Success Nutrients team also provides growers with unsurpassed customer service and deep knowledge from veteran cultivators. To learn more about the nutrient line and how to order, visit successnutrients.com today.
The Big Tomato is Colorado’s best source for hydroponics and indoor gardening supplies. Since 2001, the company has provided thousands of indoor gardeners and commercial growers with top-quality products and equipment, along with standout customer service. Established long before the hydroponics boom, The Big Tomato offers ultra-competitive prices and an extensive selection, plus superior product knowledge and cultivation insight from staff members who are experienced growers themselves. Visit thebigtomato.com now – the one stop shop for your hydroponic needs.
Grow Forth Gardens (GFG) is a super-regional collection of eight cannabis cultivations across Colorado and New Mexico that provide for Schwazze’s vertical integration, allowing the company seed-to-sale control of cannabis. The team of cultivation experts utilize the Three-A-Light methodology to ensure all plants are thriving in any growing condition, across outdoor cultivation, hoop houses, greenhouses and indoor gardens.
Schwazze Biosciences is the research and development arm of Schwazze focused on extracting the best properties of the cannabis plant. Its high level mission is to blend both the art and science of plant molecules and advanced technologies to further enhance products and improve the human condition.
For every day that ends in a ‘y’, quality pre-ground flower that’s as ready to roll as you are. Whether you’re enjoying a joint with friends or rolling up one solo, EDW has everything you need to roll the perfect joint every day.

What Makes A Schwazze Brand?


Leaders in Innovation

Schwazze brands drive the pulse of innovation in the cannabis industry and stand out from the competition for their commitment to quality of care, products and service.



We acquire and build the kind of brands who will add significant long-term strategic value to Schwazze, the world, and every entity within our vertically-integrated ecosystem of super regional assets.


Proven Success

Our brands have a demonstrated track record. Delivering consistent growth, profitability, outstanding service and operational optimization to spur growth and ‘schwazze’ any costs that diminish returns.



Schwazze brands are trusted, nationally recognized purveyors of cannabis science, and wellness. Each is on a mission to create a better world through revolutionizing the cannabis industry with a care-centric approach.

Our Story

We are leaders, cultivators, scientists, and caregivers on a mission to improve the human condition through cannabis; from seed to sale and beyond.
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